Do You Know Your Store Conversion Rate?

Do You Know Your Store Conversion Rate?

Your store conversion rate is the percentage of sessions that resulted in orders, out of the total number of sessions. So, if you had 100 visitors to your store, and 2 ordered something, your conversion rate would be 2%.

Why is it important to know my store conversion rate?

Your store conversion rate gives you a baseline to work from, to either ensure you are maintaining, or improving. It may alert you to roadblocks that customers are facing in placing orders, and it helps you keep your site customer-centric, current, and focused on sales.

What should my store conversion rate be?

A healthy average conversion rate is between 0.3% and 3.3% – don't be discouraged by the low percentage!

You can check out the average conversion rate for a business of your size, region and industry here.

How do I find my store conversion rate?

There are a few ways to do this...

The easiest way is through your Shopify dashboard, head to Analytics to check your conversion rate. You can set parameters to view it over a certain period of time.

For more detailed reports, you can utilise Google Analytics, Google Ad conversions, and Facebook conversions with Pixel.

How can I improve my store conversion rate?

There are lots of ways, but first you need to find out what the issues could be. Some things to consider could be;
• At what point in their journey are the customers getting stuck? A heat map tool can be a great way to figure this out.
• Is the checkout process simple?
• Do you have flexible shipping options?
• Is your site speed okay?
• Is your messaging clear, customer-centric and with clear calls to action?
• Do your product images SELL your products?
• Is your site responsive? Does it look great on all devices?

I challenge you to set a goal to increase your store conversion rate by a certain percentage, work on some of these tips, and let me know how you go!

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