Is Shopify right for me?

Shopify is the bees-knees for all things ecommerce. It can also be great for some service based businesses.

But, sometimes, I can clearly see that another platform, such as Wordpress, is the right fit, and will not hesitate to tell you! My goal is the ultimate solution for you.

If you aren't sure what platform is the right fit for you, book a call with me and we can chat it through. If Wordpress turns out to be better for you, I can put you in touch with my connections.

Should I set up my own Shopify account?

As a Shopify Partner, I have a developer platform that I work in, so will set up your site there, until it is nearly ready to launch, where I will then transfer the ownership to you.

It is a much more cost-effective method for you, and allows for more in depth building and testing, so please, don't set up your Shopify account before speaking to me (unless you are utilising my Auditing or Launch packages).

How much is a Shopify subscription?

You can take a look at the Shopify subscription packages here. Your goals and business requirements will determine which subscription is right, and I can help you with that decision. As a guide, most of my clients start with the Basic subscription. Some app subscriptions may be required as well.

Do I really need a Shopify designer?

Look... one of Shopify's taglines is "no design skills needed".

And yes, Shopify is AMAZING to work in, which is one of the reasons that I recommend it for my ecommerce clients, as I know how great the experience will be for them to run their store from this platform.

But if you don't have an eye for visual aesthetics, an understanding of optimising your files for speed and SEO, and the psychology of customer journeys, then you may run into some roadblocks.

It may also not be the optimum way to spend your time.

We outsource all sorts of things to experts in their field - hairdressers, plumbers, accountants...

You want to feel proud to invite people to your online home. You want to launch with ease, knowing that everything is set up correctly and that you'll have the support and training to manage your store long after it goes live.

And, it is a deductible business expense.

Can I utlise your developer platform?

Keen to set up your own Shopify site (and perhaps utilise my Launch or Audit packages down the track)?

Want to utilise my developer platform with NO Shopify subscription fees until your are ready to launch?

In this platform you can trial themes and pretty much build out your site until it's ready to launch!

This is a free service to you. Note, I do get a comission from Shopify when you start your subscription.

Contact me for more info!

Do I need to supply my branding?

Yes, I will need your style guide, logos and fonts. If you have a strategy document as well, that will be super-useful. Don't have strategy and brand sorted yet? You're jumping the gun! If this is you, let me know and I can put you in touch with my recommendations.

Do I need to supply images?

Yes, you will need to supply the images for your website. Professional product photography will build trust with your audience and help sell your product! I can source amazing stock images to support your supplied images, if needed.

What about copywriting?

You will need to supply all of the final copy for your website. Think homepage, about page, product descriptions, FAQs, shipping policy etc. I can supply you with the framework to work with, but highly recommend outsourcing this to a professional. I can recommend an amazing copywriter that I work with that will nail your brand and tone of voice.