For those who need an expert – not a generalist.

Here’s the thing… everyone seems to be a jack of all trades these days… but when it comes to the crunch, the numbers say it all. Whether it’s fancy aesthetics that lack the functionality or an uninspiring site that sees your customers bouncing quicker than they come, online stores require a Shopify designer who is more of a specialist – someone who thinks: customer journeys, future campaigns and fool-proof user experiences.

And, that’s me in a nutshell… I do Shopify and I do it well.

Lee Becker | Senior Designer, Shopify and Klaviyo Partner and adorer of all things ecommerce! 

Hi, I’m Lee! A Senior Designer, Shopify and Klaviyo Partner and adorer of all things ecommerce! 

Once upon a time, working in-house for big brands including News Corp, Donna Hay, Vogue Australia, Kimberly-Clark, and more, I have over 20 years of experience as an Art Director and a unique blend of knowledge in creative advertising, marketing, and communications.

Today, using that knowledge, I help purpose-led small to medium size enterprises access that same level of expertise with ease.

I enjoy working closely with those at the heart of their business who love what they do and simply need a hand with making their online store the best that it can be.

Giving you the support you need to confidently and successfully manage your ecommerce online store.

Lee Becker | eCommerce Specialist

My why

There is nothing better than working with a brand through its development phases, seeing it not only come to life but actually thrive on an online marketplace with a seamless user experience and thoughtful design. That's the difference I like to make for brands. The peace of mind and added support for those who need a little extra hand-holding in the vital months of brand growth.

(Just) some of the brands under my belt...

  • News Corp
  • Donna Hay
  • Toyota
  • Destination NSW
  • Vogue Australia
  • Harvey Norman
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