What Makes A Great Product Page?

What Makes A Great Product Page?

In can be tempting to put all of your focus and energy into your homepage - the design, the images, the copywriting. But with the way that pages are discovered, your customer may completely bypass the homepage and land on your product page! Is your product page robust enough to hold their attention, make a connection and engage a sale?

There are four things that come together to create a great product page…

Your product is obviously centre stage, since this is its chance to shine, but what exactly you are selling might inform how it’s presented—and what questions your customers have before they can commit to buying. It’s critical to demonstrate how your product is different than your competition, and how you are addressing their concerns, needs and wants.

Your brand is important everywhere, from social media images to your email nurture sequence emails, but it’s especially important on your product pages. With the way products are discovered these days, someone might never see your homepage before buying from you, so branding on your pages matters. Don’t have your brand (or strategy) sorted? The Luxe Co are your go-to!

Your copywriting is important, because it’s how you combine the written information your customers need with your brand’s unique voice and tone. Copywriting and content play a powerful role in improving your conversion rates as well as SEO. Need professional copywriting (always a good idea)? Climbing Vine Co are the bomb!

Your page design, and your user experience, is going to be informed by all of these things, but there are nuances involved, especially from the user perspective. How things are arranged on the page, and what’s included, can have a big impact on your conversions. Quality product images and even customer reviews are a great way to showcase your products and help improve conversions and your metrics across the board.

A great product page is one of the best investments you can make. Here are some extra tips to level up your product page game…

Have you put the customer first?
Are you addressing their concerns, needs and wants? Are you helping them make a decision that is right for them? You always need to be putting the customer first, and looking at things through their eyes.

Do you have a clear call-to-action (CTA)?
You’ve got one goal on a product page: get your customer to hit ‘Buy’, or  whatever you label your main CTA button. The area around the button should be uncluttered so that there are no distractions or obstacles. It should also be immediately visible when you land on the page. Don't try to be clever with the wording on CTAs, a simple ‘Buy Now’ or 'Add to Cart' will do! Simplicity wins more often than not.

Do you have great product photography?
Look, people do judge a book by its cover. And the impact of great product photos goes far beyond just your product pages. Your products will show up in a multitude of places - think Google, social media, social sharing and ads. Make sure your products are perceived in the best possible light and stand out against the competition.

Do you link your images to your variants?
Naming your product variants (colours etc.) can be a great way to add some personality to your products. But as well as the variant name/description, people need a visual connection to make their decision an easy process and ‘add to cart’ quicker!

Do you have the right amount of detail?
You need to provide enough content for every customer, whether they’re already an expert in what you sell, or if they’re just starting to learn about your products. Often merchants think their customers know and understand the products as much as they do, which often isn’t the case. You should do all you can to communicate the quality and the value behind your product, and not assume that your customer already gets your product or why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Spend some time looking at other sites product pages, seeing what works, and what doesn't. How does yours stack up? Are there things you could tweak?

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